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Would you like to be part of the Continual Development Team for Rapid Air?

We have set aside a few Rapid Air units for use by qualified and enthusiastic boaters and members of Team Rapid Air. Team members will be chosen based on appropriate boating experience, high confidence level above and below the water surface, product use knowledge, market understanding and enthusiasm for this product.

We are continually looking for potential candidates for a wide distribution of our production units. We are using this area to gather information necessary to make qualified decisions about this team. Candidates will also be selected based on qualifications, understanding of the product, enthusiasm, and regional location, as well as a first come first consideration basis. In order to be considered we need as much information as you feel comfortable providing. Tell us why you want to be part of this team.

Please be as detailed as you feel necessary. Be rest assured that the information you provide will not be shared with anyone on or off the web. Your information will help us evaluate your boating style, level of experience and enthusiastic nature as a member of Team Rapid Air.

If you have any questions about Team Rapid Air, Email us your questions and comments to: