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†††††††† Quick Air:A simple, effective, out of air, rescue device and

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† training aid that helps calm nervous students.


We developed Quick Air primarily as a training tool for boaters to practice breathing from Rapid Air. Those who have used it also recognized it as a superb training aid for rolling a kayak. They also saw the high potential for use as a rescue device that can actually save lives. Instructors have found Quick Air to be useful in helping to lower the anxiety of learning to roll a kayak. Students can now concentrate more effectively on their roll technique. Quick Air is basically the same mouthpiece that comes on Rapid Air with three feet of durable hose attached to it and an end cap to prevent water from entering the hose.

With this specially designed mouthpiece on one end and the cap on the other, the inside of the hose stays dry while you boat. Most boaters can quickly see how Quick Air can be used both as a self-rescue device in shallow depth situations and how it can be used to help someone else who may be pinned close to the surface. Quick Air can extend the rescue time indefinitely depending on the circumstances. In the past, boaters have tried to breathe using a short piece of garden hose or have even slipped a hose down into the boat. When using those methods the hose can fill with water and can cause accidental asphyxiation allows for the potential of actually re-breathing the expelled air that has carbon dioxide.

Quick Airísmouthpiece design eliminates these problems and allows you to insert and remove the mouthpiece from your mouth while under water without getting water in the hose. Every boater should have one.


  • Helps to extend potential rescue time.
  • Can help prevent drowning in certain situations.
  • Hand it to your buddy who needs extra air underwater.
  • Use it yourself when air is a foot or so away & need air.
  • Quick Air is intended for use in shallow depths only.



Use it yourself when air is a foot or so away & need air. †††††††††††† Hand it to your buddy who needs extra air underwater.



The key to this product is the mouthpiece, with its revolutionary design.

The unique airway porting allows for the clear passage of air, but keeps out water, thus preventing the need for much purging. At the top of the mouthpiece is a spring-loaded poppet. This design seals out water, dirt and other contaminants while allowing you to both inhale and exhale through the mouthpiece. This allows you to inhale and exhale through the mouthpiece keeping a waterproof seal. When you exhale through the mouthpiece the used air is expelled into the water. When you inhale you get a clean breath of fresh new air.


The mouthpiece is made from nearly indestructible plastic called Delrin and is covered with a soft silicone sleeve. The soft silicone allows the user to hold the mouthpiece comfortably and securely in their mouth under a variety of conditions. In the case of a shallow depth self-rescue, the end cap allows you to work one end of the hose to the surface without the hose filling with water.



The mouthpiece makes all the difference.

You can breathe in and out through the mouthpiece while keeping a waterproof seal.

This design allows you to place your mouth on or take it off, underwater, without taking on water.


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