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Rapid Products Online Sales - Safety Criteria

Rapid Air was designed as a piece of safety equipment whose owner should be comfortable using it. This comfort level requires an explanation of and practice with the equipment. It is for this reason that our customers are connected with a dealer who will be able to provide instruction and the ability to refill your Rapid Air.

            We have developed an instructional system, which allows for an efficient understanding and familiarity of Rapid Air. By following our proven program, you will develop that understanding and familiarity. The steps we have taken are not intended to make learning to use Rapid Air difficult, but only to ensure that you are ready to successfully use Rapid Air in any situation.

            The technology used in Rapid Air is similar to that found in the scuba industry, so any experience with breathing compressed air underwater will only help speed up the learning curve.

Click Here to Find out Why previous experience with breathing air underwater is helpful in using Rapid Air.

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