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Take advantage of the 5% cutstomer and Dealer Discount for first time buyers:

In an effort to help connect customers with qualified Rapid Air Dealers we are offering, for a limited time, a 5% discount to customers that would like to recommend his or her dealer that they normally buy their boating gear from. We then, can ship Rapid Air directly to their local dealer. We will also extend an additional 5% discount to the dealer if they choose to become a Rapid Air Priority Dealer. This would ocurr on their next order.

Working hand and hand with local Dealers will help us assure that customers can obtain proper instuction locally. This will help ensure the highest potential of product satisfaction and safety for our customers. Customers that need extra one on one attention to fully explain the operation of Rapid Air hands on, we prefer to sell Rapid Air to a Dealer of their choice that the customer can then obtain local instruction and they will find it easier to get refills for their Rapid Air Sytstem. For the dealer we will then be able to supply them with the abiltiy to do their own refills for them and their customers.

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