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The following are Frequently Asked Questions, offering information about Rapid Air

How much does it cost?
Rapid Air retails for $349.95 when offered in our basic PFD. Rapid Air is also available in a Rescue PFD, and a Pro rescue PFD. You can see close-ups of the different vests and their pricing on our products page.

Where can I buy one?
If you are scuba certified, Rapid Air can be purchased through our online store. Rapid Air will be available at select dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Do I need to be SCUBA certified?
No. This particular point seems confusing to some customers who have visited the site and in our effort to be extremely clear, SCUBA certification is NOT required buy, own or operate Rapid Air. We do however, strongly recommend previous experience or proper training to learn how to use it safely and suggest this with the best interest of our customers in mind.
Click Here to Find out Why previous experience with breathing air underwater is helpful in using Rapid Air.

How many breaths will I get from it?
Our field test results show you can expect to get 15 to 20 breaths from one tank. Everyone's lung capacity is different and there will be a varied range depending on how calm your breathing is.

How long will one tank of air last?
This depends on how long you can hold a single breath and how efficiently your body uses that breath of air. For example, if you are comfortable holding your breath underwater for 30 seconds each breath, and you can get 15 breaths from a full tank, that would equate to approximately 7 1/2 minutes under water. With practice, you may be able to extend that time even more.

Will it interfere with my body movement?
Rapid Air will not interfere with movement any more than the PFD it is integrated with. Rapid Air has been designed from the beginning to be comfortable enough to wear on all river trips.

Who makes it?
Rapid AIr was created, designed, and tested by paddlers like you, proudly made in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. For more background on Rapid AIr and our Team, click here.

Is it reuseable/refillable?
Rapid Air is reuseable, and with the proper care will be ready when you need it. Rapid Air will refill from a scuba tank. If you are scuba certified you can find refill accessories on our products page.

Where can I have Rapid Air refilled?
Many of the shops that sell Rapid Air will be equipped to refill your unit. We are working with scuba shops, local fire stations and air/gas suppliers to complete a network of Fill Locations near you.

How much pressure does it hold?
Rapid Air is designed to operate with 3000 psi of air.

Can it be overfilled or will it explode?
The main body of Rapid Air is machined from solid aluminum and has been laboratory tested in excess of 10,000 psi. This is more than three times the recommended fill pressure. This margin of safety is higher than that of standard high-pressure cylinders. Other additional safety features incorporated in the design are a burst disk and internal o-ring seals that will release air if the internal pressure should go above 3000 psi.

Can I travel with it?
Yes you can. The Department of Transportation (DOT) indicates no concern because of Rapid Air's compact size. The capacity of the air tank allows it to fall into a category similar to that of an aerosol can. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) indicates no concerns regarding restrictions on air travel with Rapid Air. Individual airlines may require Rapid Air to be checked in luggage or may have other special requirements. Any new information we have about restrictions will be posted on our website.

How much does it weigh?
Rapid Air weighs approximately 2 pounds. However, the unit does not add any noticeable weight to your PFD and will not affect its buoyancy.

Will Rapid Air make me a better boater?
As with any safety product, Rapid Air does not make up for skill. Rapid Air's purpose is to extend the rescue opportunity window. Rapid Air is NOT intended to help paddlers get in over their heads. Never attempt to run whitewater that you feel is beyond your abilities.

Will Rapid Air make up for a bomber roll?
As mentioned above: Rapid Air is not intended to make up for experience and ability. Nothing can take the place of a "bomber" roll. However, Rapid Air can be used in the proper environment to aid in teaching or practicing a roll.

Will I have to practice using Rapid Air?
Yes. While Rapid Air is very easy to use, like any other piece of safety equipment, you should practice using it in a safe environment it before having to use it on the river. Practice will help with finding the mouthpiece underwater. Practice can also help keep you calm during a real rescue situation--which can extend the amount of time that you could remain underwater.

How is it attached to the PFD?
Rapid Air is incorporated into the front pocket of a Rapid Air Ready PFD or retrofitted to your favorite PFD. With its form fitting design, Rapid Air becomes an integral part of the vest.

How do I activate it?
Rapid Air is Air on Demand. The mouthpiece, once adjsuted to your desired length, will be within reach of your mouth when your head is tucked to your chest. You simply insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and then inhale. It's as simple as that. Rapid Air is designed to be hands free. In practice, people may at first tend to find and insert the mouthpiece with their free hand. Rapid Air is designed to allow the mouthpiece to be within easy reach while in the setup position for the roll. With practice, locating the mouthpiece and breathing become more familiar. Rapid Air is highly compressed air in a streamlined, bombproof package, ready for use whenever you might need it.

Is Rapid Air a re-breather?
No, Rapid Air is not a re-breather, which is a more complex device. We at Rapid Air feel that a simple compressed air device is less likely to have failure in a critically dependable situation. Although the unit is refillable between uses, Rapid Air has a fixed amount of breaths available per fill. You breathe normal, dry air; no special air mixes to complicate what might go wrong. Simple, compressed air to breathe.

Why does Rapid Air warm up when refilling?
No, A fast air fill often results in the tank being less than full due to increased temperature from rapid motion of air molecules bouncing around in the tank. The slower a tank is filled, the less of a temperature increase there is. The less the temperature increases, the more air you can fill the tank with. Hot air takes up more space than cold air, but because the walls of a scuba tank are rigid, it results in a higher-pressure reading. This higher-pressure reading may indicate a full tank, but only at that elevated temperature. As the tank cools, the pressure drops. Even a tank that feels only slightly warm to the touch can lose significant pressure when it cools.

Have we answered all your questions?
If you want more information, please or call us at (303) 761-9600.

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