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Why we recommend,
but do not absolutely require, Scuba certification and or related experience:

When selling a Rapid Air system through the internet, Rapid Products, Inc. prefers to sell Rapid Air and our other compressed air accessories to boaters who are certified scuba divers as well. This is our ongoing attempt to ensure the highest level of satisfaction, experience and safety for our customers. Although scuba experience does not directly correlate to the Rapid Air experience, scuba experience is helpful in understanding the nuances and the physics involved with the use of compressed air underwater. Scuba certified boaters already have extra training which helps them in being able to understand what they can expect. There are inherent nuances to breathing compressed air underwater. Scuba certified boaters have been trained, educated, and are experienced in dealing with some of these nuances and more.

This system is designed primarily as a safety backup breathing device. In other words, Rapid Air is not a toy. It should be treated as safety gear should be. Practicing with Rapid Air is imperative. As is usually the case with most safety gear, Rapid Air is not a "buy off the shelf, jump in the river with it and figure it out along the way", kind of product. Though Rapid Air is extremely easy to use, we believe all of our customers should be competent in how the device functions. We would like to have the opportunity to show those who do not have scuba experience the ins and outs of using Rapid Air while they are actually in their own boat. This allows extra time necessary to practice using it, so you are prepared and proficient, if and when, the time comes to use it. The easiest way for us to help ensure proper instruction is for us to help guide those non scuba certified customers to purchase Rapid Air through a certified dealer or recommend to them to obtain the appropriate training from a variety of sources. Our priority dealers have been specially trained to help educate Rapid Air customers on all the steps necessary to safely operate, refill, and maintain Rapid Air equipment.

Scuba certified boaters will find it an easier time getting refills and purchasing refill equipment on their own. Refill accessories are also available directly online. We try to sell these refill products to Rapid Air owners, dealers and scuba certified boaters. While any Rapid Air user can obtain a refill for a Rapid Air at a variety of locations, having your own refill accessories is preferred by many of our customers. Purchasing your own refill equipment from a scuba shop requires PADI or scuba certification. Obtaining a refill from most scuba shops may require you to have a special waiver. This waiver you can download from our website. It basically states what you intend to use the compressed air that they provide for and how you promise you will not be using the compressed air fill for scuba diving.
Click here to download this form Refill Release-Agreement
Remember you will only need this form if you are trying to get a refill for Rapid Air or a source refill tank, aaand are trying to get the refill from a scuba shop, aaand you are not a current, card-carrying, SCUBA certified, diver. If you purchase your Rapid Air through a local retail kayak and boat shop they will be able to provide you with the necessary refills you need or contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our Field Representatives, Rapid Air Team Members, or boaters in your area that already own Rapid Air and the necessary refill accessories to get you going and keep you going. If you know someone who is SCUBA certified, this can help the process be a little less painful.

All of this is not to say we will not sell Rapid Air systems to non-scuba certified customers through our website. In fact we will and do. If you feel competent in the understanding and operation of Rapid Air, you can download and fill out and fax back the Scuba Release-Agreement.
Click here to download this form Scuba Release-Agreement
This agreement basically states our strong recommendation for you to obtain appropriate Rapid Air training prior to use and also reflects your choice to refuse this recommendation. Self-teaching is not recommended, but it is an option. For those who feel they qualify we can provide our printed and downloadable guidelines for teaching yourself to use Rapid Air. Teaching yourself to use Rapid Air effectively can and has been done many times. This method we have found is just not the best method for everyone.

This topic seems we get quite a few questions from and is confusing to some customers. In our effort to be extremely clear, SCUBA certification is NOT required buy, own or operate a Rapid Air System. However, we do stress having previous experience or proper training to learn how to use it safely.

This policy is our effort that we maintain to help keep the best interest of our customers in mind.
Please feel free to contact us regarding priority dealer locations, or any other questions you may have.

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