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Learn to Use Rapid Air?
Rapid Air is now available through select kayak and boat shops throughout the U.S. & Canada.
Click Here to find a Preferred Dealer near you.

Rapid Air is also available direct online to select boaters that meet our safety criteria.
This online offering will be available for a limited time until we are able to expand our "Preferred Dealer Network" throughout the U.S. & Canada.
Contact us directly for European Distribution.

Or click here to view our Online Store.
Rapid Air can be refilled at select retail kayak and boat shops in your area.
Other common places that may offer refill opportunities for Rapid Air are Local Air & Gas Supply companies, your local Fire Station, and Scuba Diving Shops.

Click Here for our list of potential Refill Locations.
Rapid Air will also be available to be seen in use at a variety of events across the nation.

Click Here to see the Rapid Air Events Calendar.
Our goal is to offer a safety product that will save lives. Educating our customers, dealers, & instructors in the proper use of our product is our first step in river safety.
For safety reasons we expect Rapid Air users to have previous instruction or training or obtain specialized instruction from their dealer or our instructors to educate each user on how to safely use Rapid Air.

Click Here to see our list of reputable dealer locations that are or should be offering Rapid Air Instruction at this time.

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